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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my faxes via email?

You can send a fax by using any email client (i.e. Gmail, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo Mail). To send a fax via email, your email address must have been registered with your ReplixFax account. (Check with your Fax User Administrator if unsure.)

With your email program or service, compose a new email with To: address of (fax_number)@(org_id), where (fax_number) is the recipient fax number you want to send a fax to and (Org_id) is your organization name, for example

Attach any document you want to fax and send. Your fax request will be submitted to ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service. Once your fax is successfully delivered, you will get a notification email to confirm the delivery.

You may also monitor the progress of your fax job in real time by login into your account via Web Fax client or Print to Fax Windows client.

How do I receive my faxes?

Your faxes are delivered directly into your email inbox as PDF attachment.  Alternatively we can deliver a secure, one-time use web URL link for additional security.  In addition you can also use the ReplixFax Web Fax client or Print to Fax Windows client to view, search and retrieve your faxes.

Can I send a document via fax to a large number of recipients?

The ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service provides a Web-based Broadcast Fax capability. Simply upload a fax document and a broadcast fax address list and click the send button. You may also use a fax utility called Batch Loader, or folder faxing, to automate submission of multiple fax jobs using a network folder.

What file types does ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service allow to be attached when sending a fax?

The following file types are supported for native file attachment:

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Office Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and Excel (XLS, XLSX), Plain text (TXT), Tagged Image Format (TIF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Rich Text Format (RTF), Postscript (PS), JPEG (JPG), Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), Bitmap (BMP)

What are the benefits of cloud fax service?

Compared to manual faxing or deploying an on-premise fax server, there are many benefits when you outsource your faxing needs to a cloud fax service. Notable benefits include:

• You can easily send a fax using email or web from anywhere as long as you have Internet access.
• No more busy signals, misplaced faxes or paper handling overhead.
• You may choose your own fax number or keep an existing number.
• Your faxes are securely delivered directly into your email inbox or selected file folders.
• You can save money by eliminating phone line costs, capital expenses to purchase an on-premise fax server system, and maintenance costs.
• You can save internal IT personnel or administration staff time to manage an on-premise fax system or manual fax machines.

Can I send a fax from my mobile phone?

You can use your mobile phone with Internet access to send a fax to a recipient’s fax number via email.  Sending a fax from your mobile phone will be as easy as sending an email.

How reliable is Cloud Fax Service?

Cloud faxing is much more secure than an office fax machine shared by many people. With close to 100% uptime, the ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service means no busy signals and secure, encrypted delivery of your faxes to one or multiple recipients anytime, anywhere.

Can I keep my existing fax number?

Yes. If you would like to continue using your existing fax number with your ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service, you may port your existing fax number from your current telecom provider over to your new ReplixFax account. The number porting process takes 5 to 10 business days.

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