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How It Works

How It Works

ReplixFax offers easy to use cloud faxing utilities for desktop and mobile fax users and a self-service web portal to manage fax administration tasks.


Sending Faxes

  • Email to Fax
  • Print to Fax
  • Web Fax
  • Broadcast Fax
  • Folder Faxing

Receiving Faxes

  • Email Inbox
  • Network Folders
  • Printer

Sending Faxes


  • Once you sign up for the service, outbound Cloud Faxing is activated immediately.

  • You may start sending faxes using one of the following methods:

Email to Fax

If you know how to send an email, you can send a fax via ReplixFax. Compose your email with attachments and send it to (fax number)@(org_id), for example The Subject line and email message text will appear on the fax cover page and on a separate fax page, which are followed by attachment fax pages.  You will receive an email fax status notification once the fax job is completed.

Print to Fax

ReplixFax provides a Print2Fax driver which allows you to fax as easily as printing a document.  The Print2Fax driver installs as a Windows client application and appears as a Windows printer.

To initiate a Print to Fax job from your Windows application, select File, Print and the ReplixFax Print2Fax printer, which will convert your document to a fax file and launch the Print2Fax application. Enter a recipient fax number and click the Send button to complete. You may also select a cover page, attach additional documents or schedule to send the fax at a later time.

You can also use the Print2Fax application to monitor fax status, search and view your faxes and route received faxes to other users with your comments.

Web Fax

You can send a fax if you have an access to a web browser, anywhere, anytime, by logging in to your ReplixFax web portal.

Login to and follow an intuitive web interface to send a fax. Select a fax cover page, upload files to fax and select fax options. You may also use the Web fax client to search and view your faxes and manage your personal phonebook.

Broadcast Fax

ReplixFax provides web based fax broadcast service feature via ReplixFax web portal to enable you to easily and quickly fax your message to hundreds or thousands of people immediately.

To initiate a fax broadcast job, login to and select Broadcast tab. Simply upload a fax recipient file along with the document you wish to send to process it. Status of all your broadcast faxes processed will be displayed conveniently with detailed information on time submitted and sent. You can also download an Excel file that contains the details of a specific broadcast job into an Excel file.

Folder Faxing

ReplixFax provides an automated faxing feature to allow you to electronically submit fax jobs from a designated network file folder using the ReplixFax Batch Loader utility.

ReplixFax Batch Loader polls network folders to read control files with fax parameters such as the fax number and documents to fax for faxes to send to the ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service. Configuration options allow the ReplixFax Batch Loader to work with varying control file formats. Using this outbound faxing utility, you can automate document delivery processes for your business.

Delivery Notifications


  • Email notification preference can be set up per server, department and user.

  • You may customize notification message by simple text edits.

ReplixFax sends an email notification to you with fax session details such as delivery time, number of pages sent and recipient fax machine ID once your fax job has been successfully delivered.  If the fax job failed for some reason, the email message will deliver the fax file in the notification message. You may also check the failure reason using Web portal or Print2Fax client.

Receiving Faxes


  • Once a valid fax number is assigned to you, you can receive your faxes as an email attachment in PDF or TIF or as a document URL in your inbox.

  • You may also have your incoming faxes delivered into network folders or printer of your choice.

Email Inbox

Inbound faxes delivered to your email inbox comes with fax session details such as delivery time, number of pages received and sender fax machine ID.  Received faxes can be delivered to multiple recipients or a group email address.  A fax user can also have multiple fax numbers to receive inbound faxes from them.

Network Folders

ReplixFax allows you to have your inbound faxes delivered to network folders using the ReplixFax Delivery Manager utility. The ReplixFax Delivery Manager allows you to set up the fax document delivery rules in a flexible manner to create network folders and fax file names based on fax meta data.


ReplixFax allows you to have your inbound faxes automatically printed on a network printer using the ReplixFax Delivery Manager utility.

Administration Portal


  • ReplixFax Cloud Faxing provides a web portal for self-service fax administration interface.

  • Fax administrator can conduct various administration functions listed below:

ReplixFax provides a Web portal for a self-service fax administration interface to allow a designated fax administrator to manage various administration functions

Global Settings

  • Default global options such as number of retires, retry interval, and broadcast faxing, TSI information, notification preferences and cover page settings
  • The global default values can be overridden by departmental and individual user settings.

Fax Status and Global Phonebook

  • Fax activity status monitoring, search and view Sent and Received faxes per user, fax ID and fax status, or marked faxes
  • Global phone book management

Usage Reporting and Fax Number Request

  • Monthly usage summary, downloadable detailed usage reports and billing information, and additional reporting features
  • Fax DID number request and status monitoring

Users and Departments

  • User and department account management to set up or change account details
  • Multiple fax user accounts can be grouped into a department account, which can set up its own fax option default values and account number for charge back billing.
  • Manage fax DID number assignments, notification preferences, billing account information and custom cover page settings for users and departments

Fax Filing or Printing


  • You can file or print incoming or outgoing faxes by registering simple delivery rules.

  • Faxes can be delivered to selected network folders or network printer of your choice.


ReplixFax Delivery Manager allows you to set up fax document delivery rules in a flexible manner for your entire organization or for only selected users. You may use this utility to electronically archive your faxes for future use.  Once archived, you may apply your organization’s retention policy or archiving rules to conveniently manage the archived fax documents.

Application Faxing


  • ReplixFax Web Services Fax APIs provides both SOAP based APIs and RESTful APIs.

  • ReplixFax Web Service Fax APIs offer comprehensive features for both inbound and outbound faxing.


You can fax-enable your business application for fast deployment by leveraging ReplixFax Web Services API’s, sample code, tutorials and our dedicated technical support. For more details on ReplixFax Web Services APIs, click here.

Getting Fax Numbers


  • You can port your existing fax number to us or get a new number from us.

  • We provide fax DID numbers throughout the United States and Canada.

Whether you bring your existing fax number to us or get a new number, you will continue to own your number.  Once you port your existing fax number, you no longer have to pay the phone line charges to your existing carrier.