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ReplixFax Developer



We offer fully-featured Web Services Fax APIs and ready-to-use fax integration tools for ease of development and fast deployment.

ReplixFax Web Service APIs

developerSoftlinx Web Service Fax APIs are available in both SOAP based and RESTful APIs for ReplixFax integration, which offer a set of Web Service programming interfaces and sample code to readily “cloud fax-enable” your Healthcare and other business applications. ReplixFax APIs provide the following functions:

  • Managing server configuration and authentication
  • Managing users and departments
  • Managing sending and receiving faxes
  • Managing fax metadata, cover pages and fax contents
  • Querying fax status for inbound and outbound faxes
  • Managing phonebooks

ReplixFax also offers ready-to-use fax integration tools for outbound fax automation, inbound fax delivery management, and barcode routing.

ReplixFax Fax Loader

developer2Using the ReplixFax Fax Loader utility, you can automate outbound faxing of application output or reports by simply delivering these output document or reports into shared network folders, from which the fax job will be electronically submitted to the cloud service.

ReplixFax Delivery Manager

developer1You can conveniently archive received faxes or outbound fax documents into selected network folders, or use the ReplixFax Delivery Manager for application to application document delivery integration. It also allows you to print a hard copy of received faxes on a selected network printer.

ReplixFax Barcode Router

developer3You can use the ReplixFax barcode router to automate document upload process for business process optimization. Generate a barcode coverpage, have it faxed to our cloud service and route to your application electronically.