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Creating our Partners Success is our top priority


partners1Our Cloud Fax Service Business is totally partnership-driven.  Our partnership programs deliver partner’s success by offering:

Easy-to-use, comprehensive faxing utilities and integration tools

ReplixFax has served numerous global organizations and partners to meet their business faxing requirements over 20 years. Market-proven faxing utilities for email to fax, print2fax and comprehensive web portal for fax administration are all available for cloud fax service customers.

Cloud fax API integration support with dedicated support at no cost for fast service launch

With fully dedicated development support, our partners are able to add cloud faxing capability to their application and offer it to their customers in no time.  We assign dedicated development and support staff during the integration process to ensure full certification of fax-enablement for fast service launch.

First class service and dedicated technical support

Customer service and support with close attention and proactive problem resolution is our approach to work with our partners.  We understand that your success comes from full satisfaction of your customers on your service that is powered by us.

Private branding and customization per partner’s need

Your brand identity and client relationships are important assets of your business.  Upon request we can provide a fully private labelled service to you so that you may seamlessly blend it with your existing offerings and offer to your customers.

Attractive revenue sharing and discounts for maximum profit

We offer attractive discounts and wholesale volume pricing for our ISV and Reseller partners.  We charge you for the entire usage for all your customers, while you may resell to each customer based on your own pricing schedule.

Software Vendors

partners2Fax-enable your application or services with our comprehensive Web Service Fax APIs and ready-to-use Fax Integration Utilities. Generate extra revenue from our “Revenue Sharing” Wholesale program for our ISV Partners. We made the process of adding cloud fax capability to your application or service easy and smooth by providing dedicated technical support and timely integration support environment through:

  • Test cloud fax server for development and integration testing
  • Dedicated engineer and technical support staff during development period
  • Test fax DID number
  • Post-integration and production launch support

Partnering with us will bring many benefits to ReplixFax Software Vendor Partners:

  • Your application will be enabled with HIPAA compliant cloud faxing in no time with comprehensive enterprise faxing features and capabilities.
  • You will no longer need to invest your internal resources to develop, maintain and support electronic faxing technology.
  • Your customers will no longer have to depend on manual fax machines and be concerned about lack of compliance.
  • You will start to generate extra revenue from day one.


IT Solution Providers

partners3Resell private-labelled cloud fax service to your customers and generate extra revenue from our “Revenue Sharing” Wholesale program. We made it easy and “risk-free” for you to add cloud fax service to your existing solutions offering through:

  • Minimal upfront cost
  • Minimal training needed
  • Pre-sale support and second-tier technical support
  • Flexible reseller plans and billing support with attractive wholesale discounts or referral commissions

Partnering with us will bring many benefits to ReplixFax Reseller Partners:

  • You will add a full suite of cloud fax services as a new offering to your customers.
  • You will have an access to the services, integration tools and our professional services.
  • You will generate extra profit through generous discounts and volume based wholesale pricing.